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    Hailie Jade debuted her new podcast – Just A Little Shady, which is obviously a reference to her father ‘s evil and mischievous Slim Shady alter ego.<br>For the first episode, titled It’s A Double Entendre, Hailie, 26, opened up and reminisced about her ‘surreal’ childhood alongside co-host and BFF Brittany Edni.<br>The Detroit, native then proceeded to dish about some of her memories of growing up the daughter of the rap superstar traveling around on a tour bus.<br> Debut: Hailie Jade, 26, debuted her new podcast – Just A Little Shady – and talked about her childhood growing up as the daughter of Eminem<br>’I don’t know where we went but we went on a tour bus?’ Hailie (born Hailie Jade Scott Mathers) asked, who quickly jumped into the conversation.<br>’You did,’ Britney said, adding, ‘We were talking bout this the other day and I was like “Do you remember when back when; I feel like vividly remembering we were in your kitchen, and you were like, ‘Do you want to come on the tour bus?’ <br> RELATED ARTICLES

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    It’s at this point that they both joked about how the lifestyle was ‘casual’ to them and a part of their ‘normal conversations’.<br>Brittany continued: ‘And I was like, “What’s a tour bus?” Somebody was with us and they were like, “Hailie Jade not everyone knows what a tour is, and you’re like, “What.”‘  <br> A couple of BFFs: Hailie is sharing the hosting duties for the podcast with longtime friend Brittany Edni<br> Dishing: The two longtime friends talked about the time when Hailie asked Brittany if she wanted to check out her dad’s tour bus, and how they thought his lifestyle was all ‘normal'<br>She then directed her thoughts directly to Hailie, saying, ‘Honestly to you that was somewhat normal.

    Where was my dad’s tour bus?’ she joked again. <br>’It’s so fun to look back … thinking back as an adult, I’m like, “Wow, that’s so, so surreal” and those memories of me thinking those were normal things, now I look back like, “Holy crap, that was cool,”‘<br>Brittany proceeded to share her more thoughts about how they thought his celebrity, and all that goes with it, was normal to them at the time.<br>’I remember going on [Eminem’s tour bus] and all our memories of being young were so cool and unique to look back at now,’ Brittany explained.

    ‘At the time felt so normal and not anything strange or different. We didn’t know any better.'<br> Massive star: Eminem (born Marshal Bruce Mathers III), was touring all throughout Hailie’s childhood as one of the biggest hip hop stars in the world; he seen in 2000 when Haile was about four-years-old<br> Trying to live normal: Hailie remind listeners that she and Brittany went to a ‘normal’ school<br>Hailie went on to remind listeners that she and Brittany went to a ‘normal’ school.<br>’We were in a normal public school,’ she explained.

    ‘We never thought anything was different. We had so many normal experiences, that when something like that happened, I thought everybody else does that too.'<br>To help promote the new podcast, Hailie shred a snippet on her Instagram page.<br>’just a little shady podcast is about to drop!’ she began in the caption. ‘this project has been in the works for a while & i’m so excited for the first episode to be launching!!

    follow the @justalittleshadypodcast instagram & subscribe to the youtube channel (link in bio) to be the first to see a sneak peak & hear what me & my cohost @britednie will be talking about.'<br> Her experience: ‘We were in a normal public school,’ Hailie explained.

    ‘We never thought anything was different. We had so many normal experiences, that when something like that happened, I thought everybody else does that too'<br> Family matters: Hailie attended the Super Bowl in February in support of her father; the rapper was among the stars who played the Halftime Show in February 13, 2022<br>


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