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Venture away from the hotel and explore other eateries. Tantalize your palates with the exotic taste of Jamaica. In the event you do stay in a holiday resort and expensive hotels, make sure to experience the true Jamaica by sampling some of the foods at Montego Bay. You will love it for sure. Here are some of spots that you will want to visit again and again:

Jerky's Bar & Grill

You will have some juicy chicken served nice and hot. You will get a really enjoyable feel and probably one of the best places in Montego Bay to try jerks. It also has a bar, so if you are into drinking this place will suit you even more.


This place has a nice, relaxing vibe and an ideal one to have a quick bite. They serve authentic, yummy, food of Jamaica with flavor. It is a good place for shakes, cocktails and drinks.

Millenium Victory

This is another great place to visit for delicious Jamaican foods. You will get the flavor of the Caribbean and Jamaican barbecue and grill items along with healthy foods as well.

Chabad Kosher Hot Spot

You will be excited to find this place. It is a Kosher and serves different dishes of choice. Arguably, this is one of the best places in Jamaica for Kosher foods and you do not want to miss it.