1. Frenchman’s Cove Beach in Port Antonio, Jamaica

Jamaica is a land of great beaches and Frenchman’s Cove Beach, located in Port Antonio is one of the most famous of the beaches. There are many high-end luxury resorts and hotels present at the location. So, staying there and experiencing the ultimate relaxation is not an issue.

This beach is regarded as one of the most amazing beaches on this planet. The beach is a part of the Frenchman’s Cove Resort, which is a private estate in Jamaica covering 45-acre of land. This is probably the most appealing places among the Caribbean islands. Port Antonio evolved into the heaven of the jet set in the 1960s when Garfield Weston developed a luxurious hotel/resort in this place. There was a rumor that this hotel was the most expensive one on the globe at that time. It had a total of 18 villas with all the available luxury surrounded by subtle bushes and gardens. The villas are spread on both sides of the beach, river, and bay over the headlands.

The beach is complete with its private sheltered white sand beach and a stream of fresh water. The Frenchman’s Cove Resort is a famous destination for vacations, honeymoons, weddings, desired retreats, as well as for workshops. The public can enter the beach every day from 9 a.m. in the morning to 5 p.m. in the evening by giving a nominal admission fee of US$10.

This 48-acre property belonged to the Cold Harbor Estate was at one time and later Garfield Weston (a Canadian billionaire) acquired it, who was mesmerized by the natural untouched beauty and charm of the land. The name came from an ancient folklore tale documenting an intense battle between the French and the British involving swashbucklers and canon fires close to the Cove. According to the tale, the British won the battle and the wounded French soldiers took shelter in this cove. There comes the name Frenchman’s Cove as a historical identity.

Frenchman’s Cove is a gorgeous beach where the freshwater river passes straight into the sea. You will find swings almost all down the bank of the river. The scene looks just out of a postcard. The beauty of the beach is truly mesmerizing with all the amenities available on site as well. There is also a small restaurant and the place is covered with wild mango trees. It is an ideal place for a luxurious vacation, have your wedding or a memorable honeymoon.

2. Blue Lagoon in Portland

Port Antonio is also popular for the location of Blue Lagoon, a hugely famous travel destination for both the honeymooners and families. The Blue Lagoon has a sparkling, turquoise blue water body bounded by rich trees and shrubbery. It can be referred to as a perception of beauty and charm. When you arrive initially in the location, you will observe that the lagoon appears to be familiar. Actually, this is the location for the shooting of the famous film starring Brooke Shields, The Blue Lagoon.

Strangely enough, earlier the lagoon was known as “The Blue Hole” and it only gets the name changed to “The Blue Lagoon” after the tremendous popularity received by the film. The sparkling water of the lagoon has a little bit of specialty of it. In fact, the color of the water undergoes a transformation all through the day and depends on the sun rays falling on the surface of the water. The water may appear turquoise initially when you arrive. However, the water may change to a much deeper sapphire and even distinct royal blue during the boat ride.

All you need to do is to select a good tourist guide for you. The guide will tell you in detail regarding the history of this lagoon, the celebrities, and famous personalities visited the place and the appearances of this place in the famous film. The local people have the opinion that the lagoon was virtually endless at the bottom. However, the truth is that the lagoon has a depth of around 180 to 200 feet. This awesome lagoon is also a part of the legend claiming the existence of a dragon inside it. Again, you do not have to worry about it spoiling your vacation.

The Blue Lagoon has a mixture of salt and fresh water. This is because the lagoon is open to the ocean at one side and at the same time fed by several springs of fresh water. In the event that you choose to have a plunge in the lagoon, you will spot the switching temperatures (the ice cold waters coming from the underground streams and the warm water coming from the Caribbean Sea), which is an incredible experience.

Most of the tourists visiting this awesome place acknowledge its incredibly interesting beauty and peacefulness. You can have a great boat tour across the lagoon, which will cost you about US$30. The ride is really worth the price. This place is otherwise completely free without any entrance charge.

3) Yarra Bay in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago have some of the most beautiful beaches in the Yarra Bay are one of them. If you have any presumption about the life on the island that you will find beaches all around where you can spend your spare time relaxing on the sand or surfing in the sea then it may not be true in every instance. In Trinidad and Tobago, you have to drive over an hour to get to a beach. If you are searching for a much less populated coastline stretch, then it will easily take another half an hour to reach the destination.

However, this is a boon in disguise and the time is always worth it. The distance means these incredible beaches are a long way away from the main localities with an entrance hardly noticeable. Yarra Bay is one of them and perfectly suited for a secluded and relaxing holiday. The beach remained practically untouched and you will get a feeling of being in heaven. It is located just after La Fillette and it is a bit difficult to find its entry But an amazing landscape will welcome you once you find it.

The entrance of the beach is straight down a rough course generally scattered with coconut leaves fallen here and there. The first portion of the beach will look somewhat obvious and you have to go across a bridge and down some steps before reaching to the final beach. There will be a River on your left while the ocean will be on your right and the sand in between is of a cinnamon shade. This site is truly heaven on earth.

Surprisingly, you will find the spot quite empty with very few people roaming around. Many people may not know about this place or they may want to avoid the trek. So, you may get pleasure from swinging within the water as this place is usually fairly vacant with only a few tourists wondering at a time. You can also scale the rocks, take a plunge into the awesome cool river water or simply lie down on the beach for hours.

Overall, Yarra Bay is a perfect relaxing holiday destination with awesome scenic beauty and relaxing atmosphere. If you do not mind a little bit of trekking then you should visit this lovely place for sure when you are in Trinidad and Tobago. Enjoy the calmness of this place away from the busy city life and modern civilization.

4) Hundred Steps Beach – the best secluded beach

Hundred Steps Beach among the true splendors of Trinidad. This is a remote beach which is a remarkable location for incredibly quiet sunbathing, exploring the sand, relaxing, swimming and having some great enjoyment. This is a quiet treasure of a beach with peaceful surroundings and clear waters. It also has wonderful sand with stunning scenic beauty set in the verdant green cliff base.

When compared to the usually crowded neighboring beaches, Las Cuevas and Maracas Bay, this beach is surprisingly lonely with clear and tranquil water. It is an ideal watering hole for family and friends. The shoreline is fast enough for unlimited sand castles and you may have a game of cricket as well. There are many such beautiful beaches in Trinidad and Tobago waiting for you to be loved and enjoyed. The beach will definitely attract the adventure seekers, nature lovers, and water enthusiasts.

The difficulty in getting to this place made it a more serene destination. It is situated on the north coast road after Las Cuevas in Trinidad. The beach is located at the base of the Cliff and can be reached by having a short walk through nature. You can start working from Mitchell Trace and you reach the flight of stairs made of concrete leading to the beach leading to the beach.

But the problem you will find that a portion of the staircase is absent and you need to climb down a rope attached to a tree to reach the beach. So it is a real adventure which may not be suitable for everyone. However, when you pass this hurdle you will be greeted with a spectacular scenic landscape. You will feel that the effort is worth taking. The wonderful beach is composed of fine send of golden color with the magnificent view of the Chupara Bay at the entrance and surrounded by hard rocks and boulders on both the ends.

The incredibly relaxing characteristic of the beach is actually a privilege to experience in a lifetime. You will recognize that you will be going to something which only a few people have ever experienced. However, the beach is quite isolated and remote so it is advisable that you only visit this awesome place for vacation only during the daytime and preferably in a group. This is, of course, true for all the serene and secluded places in every part of the world and nothing to be too scared about.